Higurashi Hou Translation Updated to Version 1.0; Further Updates?

Pearse Hillock has released a new 1.0 version of his Higurashi Hou translation patch. The new version adds a translation for the (insane) Staff Room, as well as correcting some grammatical errors. You can get it here!

I had a bit of input on this patch myself; he invited me to edit all the uses of your/you’re. Still, I’m considering the creation of a further (1.0b?) patch myself. When I first read it, I was struck by a certain “rawness.” Its style sometimes feels more like transliteration of the Japanese than translation. Seriously, when a villain lets loose a line like “I have awoken very much!,” it kind of kills the scene’s dramatic tension. He’s done an awesome job translating all of this. But still, I’m an editor and perfectionist at heart, and I yearn to see Higurashi Hou presented in it’s best possible form.

If you’ve read the new patch of Higurashi Hou, let me know what you think: Does its translation deserve some touching up?


3 thoughts on “Higurashi Hou Translation Updated to Version 1.0; Further Updates?

  1. I’m waiting for a better translation myself to dive into it.

    Also just want to say, thanks for starting this site! There’s not much, but glad to see there’s a startup for somewhere to go for 07th Expansion news!


    • Stay tuned, then! There should be one coming. Hopefully it won’t take too long, after all the time work and other projects sap away.

      You’re very welcome :) Yup, the fandom’s not dead yet. Along with the news, I have a lot of great stuff planned for this blog.


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