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07th Expansion Announces New Work on April Fool’s Day, Possibly Not (?) A Joke

Visitors to 07th Expansion’s Japanese site are being greeted with an image announcing a new work, Tri-Anthology. According to the image, Ryukishi07 will be once again collaborating with Romeo Tanaka and Tonokawa Yuuto (of Key/Visual Arts) on it. He’s worked … Continue reading

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In Defense of A Closed Cat Box

An unsolved mystery is an open canvas. It invites endless speculation and debate. As long as it remains unsolved, it can continue to live. To provide the solution, though, is to kill it. I loved the ambiguity of Umineko’s original … Continue reading

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Ryukishi07 to Visit US Convention For First Time This May

Good news for anyone planning to attend Anime Central in Illinois this May. They’ve just announced that Ryukishi07 and other 07th Expansion members will be attending the con as guests. This will be the first time that Ryukishi07 has appeared … Continue reading

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Yen Press Licenses 「Rose Guns Days」 Manga

Yen Press has just announced on Twitter that it will release the Rose Guns Days manga in English. The first volume will be coming out this Fall. I’m pretty psyched about this! Rose Guns Days was a big change of … Continue reading

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