Anime Boston 2015 MangaGamer Panel

I just got back from MangaGamer’s panel at Anime Boston 2015, and it included some great news for fans of Higurashi! You can read all the details on MangaGamer’s blog, and my reactions below.


  • MangaGamer will be releasing all the arcs included in Higurashi Hou.

There’s an English translation of the bonus arcs from Hou already, but as I’ve posted before, its quality is far from polished. I was planning on making a properly edited version myself, but hey, I’m glad they’re saving me the trouble.

  • MangaGamer’s new release of Higurashi will restore all the original music.

This is the one that really makes me happy! There are already music restoring-patches, but this will make it vastly easier for the casual player to get the original experience. Also, even the music patchs for Higurashi missed a few tracks. I’ll be psyched on my replay to finally hear 月(惨⇔賛)歌 (Moon -Cruelness⇔Tribute- Song) playing at the right time. And finall, the English version of Higurashi will be as good as the French one.

  • MangaGamer’s release will allow players to freely switch between the new and original sprites, and English and Japanese text.

The Japanese text is interesting. I wonder if they’re aiming this release at Japanese readers as well? After all, the new art is completely original to this release. Opinion is mixed, but at least some people will prefer it to the various Japanese console ports.

Also, MangaGamer answered my question to confirm that the new characters from Higurashi Hou will also be getting updated art. This’ll be the first time Une & co. appear in “Not Drawn by Ryukishi07” form.

  • The first arc of Higurashi will be released on Steam on May 15th

I don’t buy games with DRM, so I’ll still be waiting for the (hopefully) eventual hard copy release. This is good news for the people who’ve long been waiting on the Steam release, though. After all the approval and editing for these new features, finally things are rolling along.

  • MangaGamer will release the doujin visual novel MYTH.

My interest was automatically piqued upon seeing Luck Ganriki’s name in the OP video. He’s one of the prominent composers from Umineko, Higanbana, and Rose Guns Days. According to the MangaGamer, it should appeal to fans of Higurashi. The VN’s premise sounds quite intriguing, as well as this review:

“…it was fascinating, and so utterly unlikely anything else.

So, if you want light entertainment, or things to easily make sense, you are probably better off skipping this. But if you want your mind to be tantalized, and like the idea of having to think things really through, then I’d heavily recommend this.”



2 thoughts on “Anime Boston 2015 MangaGamer Panel

  1. “This’ll be the first time Une & co. appear in ‘Not Drawn by Ryukishi07’ form.”

    Well, technically we’ve already glimpsed Une and Tamurahime in the Sui opening. And I’m guessing we’ll be getting that DLC (?) before Mangagamer releases their version.


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