ACen 2015 Video Interview with Ryukishi07 from APGNation

Here’s more fascinating stuff from the flurry of information this weekend, with such topics as:

  • Why he choose witches as a theme for Umineko.
  • Whether he’s familiar with the Rosatrice theory.
  • Whether Yasu is a transgendered character.
  • The relation between the worlds and characters of Higurashi and Umineko (the translator doesn’t mention it, but it looks he is explicitly influenced by Osamu Tezuka’s Star System).

There’s also an article to go along with it, with some comments and more description of the first two panels. Good stuff!

3 thoughts on “ACen 2015 Video Interview with Ryukishi07 from APGNation

  1. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!
    Christ, it’s like Christmas in May. The desire to be there is too much. Though the translator was a bit annoying.


  2. That’s my fiancee in there (the interviewer)!

    I finally got her to start reading Umineko this past December and holy hell she hit it hard. R07 coming to ACen was actually an idea the two of us had, so she contacted her boss, who contacted ACen’s management, who contacted 07th Expansion… and boom, there he is!


    • Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve clearly chosen well : )

      And wow, that is awesome. I can’t thank you enough; it was an incredible experience. What a coincidence how well that story fits the main theme of Higurashi: how much one can accomplish just by reaching out to others.


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