New Higurashi Patch Adds PS3 Graphics and Voice Acting

MangaGamer has often promised that their new release of Higurashi will be easily moddable. It’s been released for barely over a week, and we’re already getting proof of that. The newest patch adds the voice acting and graphics from the game’s PS3 port. You can download it now on it’s Github page, or see a sample of the patch in action below. Big thanks to TheGuraGuraMan and some helpful Anons from 4chan.

I’ve also gotten confirmation that the new version of Onikakushi on MangaGamer’s site is 100% DRM free (the version on Steam has the regular Steam DRM…yeah, I’m one of the few people who actually cares about that). So if you’ve been waiting to play (or re-play) Higurashi, there’s been no better time!

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6 Responses to New Higurashi Patch Adds PS3 Graphics and Voice Acting

  1. Isae says:

    Interesting. Unfortunately, I would never be able to enjoy the voice patch because the console versions of Higurashi changed so many things. This is one instance in which being able to understand Japanese is not a boon. :P


  2. Danny says:

    If only XSeed would just localized Sui. At this rate, it feels like we’ll never get to read the four Kizuna chapters.


    • Danny says:

      Oh dear, apparently I can’t spell or grammar tonight. My rage at the inability to access all of 07th Expansion’s works like the fans in Japan can has made my brain malfunction.


    • tim_p says:

      I imagine it might be orders of magnitude harder to license those chapters, assuming that Ryukishi07 doesn’t 100% own the rights to them himself. But hey, “Nothing is impossible, only highly unlikely.”


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