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Finally, a Video Recording of Ryukishi07’s ACen Panel

After much searching online, I’ve finally found a video recording of Ryukishi07’s third panel at ACen! It was posted by a user on the Fuwanovel forums. Although there’s no recording for the other two panels, this one probably went over … Continue reading

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First Images of New Ryukishi07 Game [祝姫] (Iwaihime)

Thanks to a tweet from the illustrator, us foreigners unable to attend the Toranoana’s “Tora Festival” can learn about Ryukishi07’s upcoming game, which he teased at ACen earlier this year. Nope, it looks like we’re not getting any JRPG from … Continue reading

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1st Tragedy Looper Expansion Coming to English Soon

Z-Man games has announced they’ll be releasing an expansion for Tragedy Looper. If you haven’t read my review of it yet, Tragedy Looper is basically “When They Cry” in board game form…and totally awesome! There are already 5 expansions for … Continue reading

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Tiger Festival Speculation Time! Part 2

When I last discussed Ryukishi07’s hinted “Tiger Festival” project, it seemed possible that he might be writing for a new Tales Of game. In the days since, Bandai Namco announced the upcoming game Tales of Berseria. However, another theory might … Continue reading

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