Tiger Festival Speculation Time! Part 2

When I last discussed Ryukishi07’s hinted “Tiger Festival” project, it seemed possible that he might be writing for a new Tales Of game. In the days since, Bandai Namco announced the upcoming game Tales of Berseria.

However, another theory might be more likely (and much more obvious). When I first started free-associating, the “Tiger” part made me think of the Japanese doujin retailer “Tora no Ana.” The “Festival” part made me think of some doujin event, like Reitaisai or Wonder Festival. “Could be something there,” I thought, “but nothing conclusive.” Until now, upon learning that Tora no Ana’s holding a special event on June 21st to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The event’s name? Tiger Festival.

catalog_bannerWhat’s more, the 07th Expansion Twitter has confirmed they’ll be at the event. We might not have long to wait before learning everything about this new project.


6 thoughts on “Tiger Festival Speculation Time! Part 2

  1. It would have been amazing if he were writing for a Tales Of game, but c’est la vie. I suppose his hint was, in fact, “Tiger Festival is where I will announce more.” Rather than his game being about tigers or festivals. Haha, my theorizing brain needs some polish.


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