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Higurashi Rei Gets Full Translation and Graphics Patch

Finally, one more thing rescued from the towering pile of untranslated Higurashi stuff. Pearse Hillock has just released a translation/graphical update patch for the collection of side arcs, Higurashi Rei. The first arc of Rei, the Dice Killing Chapter. has … Continue reading

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Anime Expo 2015 Panel: “The World of Ryukishi07”

Lots of interesting stuff came up on Ryukishi’s AX Panel on Sunday, including the next When They Cry game! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see him again at the con myself like at ACen. But thanks to Isae (who writes … Continue reading

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New Version of Umineko Coming From MangaGamer

I should have seen this coming. MangaGamer has just announced that they’ll be officially releasing Umineko in English! The format will be similar to their new release of Higurashi. The facts: They’ll be using Witch Hunt’s translation, but working with … Continue reading

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Sentai Licenses Higurashi Anime, Including Rei OVA

Ryukishi07’s panel at AnimeExpo isn’t until Sunday, but some 07th Expansion news has popped up earlier than expected. The US anime company Sentai Filmworks just announced today that they’ll be re-releasing the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime. The first … Continue reading

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