Rewrite TV Anime Announced

rewrite1It’s been announced today that the VN Rewrite , from Key/Visual Arts of Clannad/Angel Beats! fame, will be getting an anime adaptation. The studio is 8-bit, which recently did the anime for the Grisaia no Kajitsu and Grisaia no Rakuen visual novels.

The only thing that surprises me about this is how long it took to happen.

Ryukishi07 wrote one of the game’s routes, working with Romeo Tanaka and Yuuto Tonakawa. He’ll be reuniting with the same two authors for his upcoming doujin work TRianThology.

Rewrite’s already on my “VNs to Play” list, though it’s 50+ hour playtime and reputation for a sloggy common route have kept it there for a while. If the anime succeeds as an adaptation (don’t want to relive my Umineko trauma!), I might end up committing sacrilege and watching it instead.


5 thoughts on “Rewrite TV Anime Announced

  1. I absolutely love your dedication. While reading the 07th Expansion twitter only a moment ago, I seen the announcement for the rewrite anime. I instinctively came here to see if you had reported on it yet, and you really don’t disappoint with 07th expansion related news! I do have to admit I never considered reading rewrite, partly because I wasn’t interested in any non-Ryukishi scenarios, and partly because my broken computer decided to implode.


  2. I think I’ll stay in your boat. I want to read Rewrite, but most of it doesn’t really appeal to me. Hopefully this is a good adaptation. (And they don’t replace the plot with boobs like Umineko’s anime adaptation). I don’t know anything on how good this studio is, so maybe I’ll do some research.


    • Based on their previous adaptations, there’ll probably be lots of fanservice : P But then again, the Grisaia games were ero while Rewrite is all ages.

      I can’t be quite sure if Rewrite appeals to me, because it’s hard to tell what the heck it’s about. Ecological themes…magical battles with dinosaurs…goofy slice-of-life…OK? But it does look intrigue me, especially the nature setting.


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