MangaGamer Releases New Version of Higurashi’s 2nd Chapter

MangaGamer has just released their new version of Higurashi’s 2nd Chapter, “Watanaganashi-hen” (Cotton Drifting Chapter). On Friday the 13th, too, for bonus points! The new release comes with an updated translation and all new character art (plus an option to switch back to the original art).

higurashi 2 mangagamerYou can buy it now at MangaGamer’s site or Steam. The version on MG’s site has less DRM, works on Linux and Mac, and comes with a free Steam Key anyways, for people who care about any of those things.

The question now is “Do I replay each chapter as it comes out, with maybe 6 months of waiting between each, or wait for them all to marathon?” I’m still mulling that over…probably the latter, since my VN backlog would thank me for it.

In other news, Iwaihime‘s release date has been delayed from November 27 to January 29, 2016.


4 thoughts on “MangaGamer Releases New Version of Higurashi’s 2nd Chapter

  1. They’re doing releases sixth months apart? Interesting. The amount of time between onikakishi and this release made me worry that its popularity might not have been enough, and the other translations were cancelled. Though I guess I forget how complicated translations are.

    I’ll probably bulk read it too, because I’ve read it recently enough that I need some time before attempting another reread. Great stuff though. I’m sure being able to switch between the original Japanese and the English translation will be good for learning Japanese, not to mention an improved translation is a great honor to the work that started it all.


    • It’s not like they’ve specifically committed to that length, but that’s how long it’s been since Onikakushi. Hopefully it’ll speed up a bit. I’ve heard that the Answer arcs should come out quicker, since it’s the Question arcs that needed the most work on the translation.


    • I think that’s quite likely. Tri will be an official 07th Expansion work, plus I bet it’ll be much easier to patch since it’s probably just OnScripter and without any potential DRM.


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