New Manga by 07th Expansion Announced, “When the Fireflies Burn”

The manga magazine Gekkan Action has just announced a new series written by Ryukishi07 and illustrated by Nokuto Koike. It’ll be called Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni (When the Fireflies Burn)…not quite the next “When they Cry,” but close!


The series will be previewed by a prologue in the upcoming Umineko book, Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~The Last and First Gift~. That’s coming out on December 16, according to

The last manga by Ryukishi07 (Higanbana) was somewhat disappointing, until he ended up expanding its story into a VN. Still, this series looks rather intriguing, even if I know basically nothing about it’s plot. The artist has a cool, mature art style, and it is being printed in a seinen magazine. In an odd coincidence, just a few days ago we saw the first ever English print licensing from this magazine, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

EDIT: While digging through the magazine’s Twitter, I found some of the original character designs drawn by Ryukishi07 for the series:

horaru_main chara



11 thoughts on “New Manga by 07th Expansion Announced, “When the Fireflies Burn”

  1. Googled that artist, and it seems he has a grittier style, less cutesy than other artists, but that’s a plus to me, considering this new work is being published in a seinen magazine, and I’d like to see a more graphic story, or at least a more adult story than Higanbana. I’m amazed that Ryukishi is doing work on so many different things at once, Iwaihime, trianthology, and this new series. I just hope that translations become available sometime, since my Japanese still isn’t good enough to read anything beyond children’s books, and I’d like to be able to read one of Ryukishi’s new works (btw I love you guys at witch hunt^^) It’s also interesting to see that he’s putting out an additional story about Umineko -since I’ve thought it to be long over- and that it’s in the form of a physical book.


    • I’d say that Higanbana was pretty “adult,” even if all the characters are children : P I think the new releases of Higurashi and Umineko are still bringing pretty of hype and attention to his work, so we can count on fan translations pretty easily.


  2. Slight typo: you wrote ‘Tomaru’ instead of ‘Tomoru’

    Considering Ryukishi07 is going so far as to have such an obvious “passing of the baton” from Umineko to Hotarubi, I think it’s probably safe to consider this the new “When They Cry”, even if it’s not called ‘when the somethings cry’ and is a manga instead of a VN.


    • I imagine that Iwahime is mostly complete by now, and that there is some gap between writing the game and it being programmed and released, enough that he’s had the time to work on something else. I heard that Trianthology was originally supposed to be released in winter 2014, so it’s not unimaginable that he’s already solidified the story enough not to need his full attention, but I do agree that it might be a little too much, especially if the plotlines are intricate. I don’t really know the circumstances, but I do hope that Ryukishi works hard enough for everything he’s working on to pay off in the long run. It’d be a shame if he really did choose quantity over quality.


      • Yeah, I just meant from Ryukishi’s own perspective, even if others are involved, he’s had a while to solidify his thoughts. I wonder what kind of story it will be with three different authors though, and how they’ll connect to each other.


      • It’s been nearly 2 years since the last season of Rose Guns Days came out. He’s probably been doing a lot of work behind the scenes in that while. It’s just all coming out now.

        Oh, plus he’s also doing the art for TRianThology. I’m perversely psyched about that : )


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