TRianThology Site Updated with Opening Video

Trianthology’s website has updated with a PV and tons of other stuff, including character portraits and bios. The VN will be coming out just next month, on August 28th.

Let me try my best to unpack this:

  • 0:10 The “reflective shards” visualization is very reminiscent of Higurashi Hou’s OP. I imagine this will tie into the whole “Sea of Kakera/Fragments” world view of the When They Cry games.
  • 0:25: Chess pieces? Could this mysterious Alice be engaged in another meta-world game?
  • 0:45: OK, so it looks like all these stories are gonna get pretty dark. Even the harem one.trt pv cap
  • 0:51: Gorillas making peace with man-kind? What sort of Planet of the Apes scenario is this? From the Gallery section of the site, it looks like this is an actual plot point from the sci-fi story.
  • 0:56: And then, random Bernkastel. The character Saijyouji Karen also looks a lot like Beatrice Some other characters not shown previously flash by the screen in a blur after this, as well.

The song is pretty sweet, and it’s good to see we’re still keeping composers from Umineko and Higanbana (xaki).

All the English text is from “Alice in Wonderland”:

All in the golden afternoon …
How doth the little crocodile …
Fury said to a mouse, That …

“You are old, Father William” …
Speak roughly to your little boy…
“Will you walk a littler faster?” …
Twinkle, twinkle little bat…

Tis the voice of the lobster, …
Turtle Soup
The Queen of Hearts

They told me you had been to her…


7 thoughts on “TRianThology Site Updated with Opening Video

  1. According to Alice’s profile, she’s a “cruel witch trying to escape boredom.” Adding that to the “shard” imagery, there’s almost certainly a connection to the When They Cry universe here.


    • I think Alice is a witch, who dislikes boredom (just like Bern), so in order to escape that boredom, During the mad tea party, Alice talks to her friend the white rabbit Usagi. Which makes it possible for Alice to travel worlds. Using that Three-sided mirror as a portal to the worlds, of something like that. Just a lot of speculation,


      • I’ve been reading the manga adaptation of Country Girl from TRianThology, and until this point Alice has not made an appearance yet, but as far as it seems from all the promotional material there is for this project, she will.

        The project seems rather simple, 3 completely unrelated stories that play normally, until the point where Alice appears and interfere in the normal flow of events.

        So even if the 3 stories are completely different, they are related by the interference of Alice.


  2. Crossing my fingers for a translation group to pick this one up! I know most of the key members of Witch Hunt have busy personal lives, and it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a steam release for a long time.


  3. Also, I would like to point out that this novel does happen in the “When they Cry” universe.
    There is a promotional image around for this novel, in which they refer to the 3 worlds as 3 Kakera (Fragments) in the usual “When they Cry” way.

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  4. I hope we see some of the old higurashi characters again in either this work or a future one. I really want to see Rika and her friends more.


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