I’ve started this blog to publish news and commentary on the works of my favorite doujin circle, 07th Expansion, as well as fan content and other works that capture the same magic.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found out your blog thanks to your post on reddit
    I’m going to save it in my bookmarks as 07th expansion’s VN are also my absolute favorite

    Hope to see more posts on this blog, thanks you for creating it :)

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  2. This is a very nice blog, I love seeing info about 07th Expansion! Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing future updates!


  3. I feel like so few people know about 07th Expansion’s incredibly deep visual novels. I’ve been following since WH’s translation of Alliance of the Golden Witch, and the hardest thing for me is that I have so few people to share my love of Ryukishi’s works with me. The mere existence of this blog gives me some hope. When I read your summary of one of the previous fan panels, Ryukishi said something I have always told my friends, that visual novels are the greatest storytelling medium ever. If only it weren’t so cluttered with erogames, the stigma would diminish and maybe more people would read the books! Ah, it makes me so frustrated.


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