Voice and Graphics Patch Released for Higurashi’s 2nd Chapter, Watanagashi

Higurashi fans got a little Christmas present yesterday, with the release of a voice and graphics patch for the 2nd chapter of its new release from MangaGamer. Just like with the 1st chapter, the patch adds voice acting and changes the sprites to the PS3 versions by Alchemist. There’s also a voice only patch, for those who’d prefer to play with the original sprites (like me!). You can download the patch here, after getting the game from Steam or MangaGamer’s site.

I want to pause a moment to consider all the wonderful work done by modders and translators, given freely just for their love of the series. Where would we be without people like that?

Art by 808 on Pixiv

Art by 808 on Pixiv

Enjoy, readers, and Happy Holidays!


Higurashi Rei Gets Full Translation and Graphics Patch

Finally, one more thing rescued from the towering pile of untranslated Higurashi stuff. Pearse Hillock has just released a translation/graphical update patch for the collection of side arcs, Higurashi Rei.

higurashi reiThe first arc of Rei, the Dice Killing Chapter. has been translated for a while, but the other two are both new. Like I mentioned when Sentai licensed the anime OVAs, expect lots of fan service and wacky hijinks. Also, the Dice Killing Chapter’s translation has been touched up a bit. If you have a copy of Higurashi Hou, the patch will work on it’s bundled version of Higurashi Rei as well.

One of the cool things about this patch is that there are multiple versions, depending on how you want honorifics translated, or whether you want to use the original graphics. Get either version of the patch here.

Rose Guns Days Finally 100% Translated

Witch Hunt has finally released the much-awaited full translation patch for Rose Guns Days Final Season! You can download it on their site here.

The game could previously be legally downloaded from MangaGamer’s site. Right now, though, their contract to offer the game has expired, and they’re re-negotiating it. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon for people who don’t already own the game.

New Higurashi Patch Adds PS3 Graphics and Voice Acting

MangaGamer has often promised that their new release of Higurashi will be easily moddable. It’s been released for barely over a week, and we’re already getting proof of that. The newest patch adds the voice acting and graphics from the game’s PS3 port. You can download it now on it’s Github page, or see a sample of the patch in action below. Big thanks to TheGuraGuraMan and some helpful Anons from 4chan.

I’ve also gotten confirmation that the new version of Onikakushi on MangaGamer’s site is 100% DRM free (the version on Steam has the regular Steam DRM…yeah, I’m one of the few people who actually cares about that). So if you’ve been waiting to play (or re-play) Higurashi, there’s been no better time!

Higurashi Hou Translation Updated to Version 1.0; Further Updates?

Pearse Hillock has released a new 1.0 version of his Higurashi Hou translation patch. The new version adds a translation for the (insane) Staff Room, as well as correcting some grammatical errors. You can get it here!

I had a bit of input on this patch myself; he invited me to edit all the uses of your/you’re. Still, I’m considering the creation of a further (1.0b?) patch myself. When I first read it, I was struck by a certain “rawness.” Its style sometimes feels more like transliteration of the Japanese than translation. Seriously, when a villain lets loose a line like “I have awoken very much!,” it kind of kills the scene’s dramatic tension. He’s done an awesome job translating all of this. But still, I’m an editor and perfectionist at heart, and I yearn to see Higurashi Hou presented in it’s best possible form.

If you’ve read the new patch of Higurashi Hou, let me know what you think: Does its translation deserve some touching up?

Major Progress on Rose Guns Days Translation

rose guns days julieThe season of good news continues, with a long-awaited update on the translation of Rose Guns Days.

  • Season 3: 60% 100%
  • Season 4: 0% 65%

Witch Hunt will be releasing the remainder of Season 3 once the full translation patch is completed. Like the current patch, it’ll only work with the Last Season version of the game, which contains all Seasons 1-4 and can be purchased from MangaGamer (currently MangaGamer is renewing their contract to sell the game).

rose guns days translation status update 12-25-2014In related news, a new Spanish translation group called 23rd District has started up, and plans so far to translate Rose Guns Days and Umineko Hane en español.

English Translation Patch of Higurashi Hou Released

Higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni-HouChristmas has come early this year! xPearse of the AnimeSuki forums has single-handedly created a patch for the bonus content of Higurashi Hou, just released last night. It includes translations for:

  • Hinamizawa Bus Stop
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Outbreak
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kamikanshi-hen (God Violating Chapter)

You can find the latest version of the patch here (with future versions likely to come).

That was surprisingly fast, especially for some obscure bonus content that might have languished without translation forever! I feel this bodes well for the future of When They Cry fandom outside Japan.