Anime Expo 2015 Panel: “The World of Ryukishi07”

Lots of interesting stuff came up on Ryukishi’s AX Panel on Sunday, including the next When They Cry game! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see him again at the con myself like at ACen. But thanks to Isae (who writes an awesome Higurashi tumblr and blog) and an upstanding Anon of 4chan, I’ve been able to record these nuggets of knowledge for posterity.

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Rose Guns Days Finally 100% Translated

Witch Hunt has finally released the much-awaited full translation patch for Rose Guns Days Final Season! You can download it on their site here.

The game could previously be legally downloaded from MangaGamer’s site. Right now, though, their contract to offer the game has expired, and they’re re-negotiating it. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon for people who don’t already own the game.

Yen Press Licenses 「Rose Guns Days」 Manga

rose guns days manga

Yen Press has just announced on Twitter that it will release the Rose Guns Days manga in English. The first volume will be coming out this Fall.

I’m pretty psyched about this! Rose Guns Days was a big change of pace for Ryukishi07. Instead of supernatural horror, it deftly combination of alternate history and a noir crime story.  The VN starts out a bit slow, but quickly crests into an intensely gripping read. I’ve heard that the manga improves on some parts of the VN, too.

So far, Yen Press has only announced plans for the First Season manga. Hopefully it sells well, and convinces them to license the two spin-off stories as well: Aishuu no Cross Knife and Fukushuu wa Ougon no Kaori .

Yen Press has already released the Higurashi manga, and is currently releasing the Umineko manga.

Major Progress on Rose Guns Days Translation

rose guns days julieThe season of good news continues, with a long-awaited update on the translation of Rose Guns Days.

  • Season 3: 60% 100%
  • Season 4: 0% 65%

Witch Hunt will be releasing the remainder of Season 3 once the full translation patch is completed. Like the current patch, it’ll only work with the Last Season version of the game, which contains all Seasons 1-4 and can be purchased from MangaGamer (currently MangaGamer is renewing their contract to sell the game).

rose guns days translation status update 12-25-2014In related news, a new Spanish translation group called 23rd District has started up, and plans so far to translate Rose Guns Days and Umineko Hane en español.