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Tiger Festival Speculation Time! Part 2

When I last discussed Ryukishi07’s hinted “Tiger Festival” project, it seemed possible that he might be writing for a new Tales Of game. In the days since, Bandai Namco announced the upcoming game Tales of Berseria. However, another theory might … Continue reading

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Tiger Festival Speculation Time!

After hearing the hint “Tiger Festival” for Ryukishi07’s next unannounced work, I couldn’t help speculating wildly about it. I already have a whole page of ideas (most of them insane). One theory, though, is beginning to sound more and more … Continue reading

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In Defense of A Closed Cat Box

An unsolved mystery is an open canvas. It invites endless speculation and debate. As long as it remains unsolved, it can continue to live. To provide the solution, though, is to kill it. I loved the ambiguity of Umineko’s original … Continue reading

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