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TRianThology Site Updated with Opening Video

Trianthology’s website has updated with a PV and tons of other stuff, including character portraits and bios. The VN will be coming out just next month, on August 28th. Let me try my best to unpack this: 0:10 The “reflective … Continue reading

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Iwaihime Trailer Released

DMM has posted a trailer for their upcoming game Iwaihime, with writing by Ryukishi07: It looks like the game will have a big focus on romance, perhaps even more so than horror. Or maybe that’s just a bait-and-switch tactic. We’ll … Continue reading

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Finally, a Video Recording of Ryukishi07’s ACen Panel

After much searching online, I’ve finally found a video recording of Ryukishi07’s third panel at ACen! It was posted by a user on the Fuwanovel forums. Although there’s no recording for the other two panels, this one probably went over … Continue reading

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New Higurashi Patch Adds PS3 Graphics and Voice Acting

MangaGamer has often promised that their new release of Higurashi will be easily moddable. It’s been released for barely over a week, and we’re already getting proof of that. The newest patch adds the voice acting and graphics from the … Continue reading

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ACen 2015 Video Interview with Ryukishi07 from APGNation

Here’s more fascinating stuff from the flurry of information this weekend, with such topics as: Why he choose witches as a theme for Umineko. Whether he’s familiar with the Rosatrice theory. Whether Yasu is a transgendered character. The relation between … Continue reading

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