Yet Another New Manga Written by Ryukishi07

new ryukishi07 manga in shounen sirius crop jpgThe manga magazine Monthly Shounen Sirius has announced that Ryukishi07 will be writing a new series for them in 2016. Yukari Higa will be illustrating it. The title is currently unknown, and details on the story are scarce, but we can at least tell it has plenty of bishoujo.

It’s possible that this also adapts a TRianThology story, like the just-announced series Country Girl. The art does make me think of that “galge-like” setting. But Country Girl specifically mentioned TRianThology in it’s announcement, whereas this manga doesn’t.

So in total, Ryukishi07 has 4 projects that will be (or have been released) in 2016, including 2 VNs and 2 original manga:

  • Iwaihime
  • TRianThology (hopefully, unless it ends up releasing next year)
  • Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni
  • This series

It’s almost hard to keep track of it all! Of course he’s been working on Iwaihime and TRianThology well before this, but there’s a lot of stuff coming to fruition this year.


2 thoughts on “Yet Another New Manga Written by Ryukishi07

  1. Ryukishi as in the person we’ve seen in interviews is only the face of the entity that is R07
    R07 is actually composed of multiple people all working on different things, masterminded by the head-Ryukishi

    In Umineko we’ve already read of how it works, under the guise of Tohya and Ikuko hachijou.

    With just the information given in umineko and the amount of work he’s pushing out this year, I was able to come to the conclusion that r07 is multiple people.
    What do you think everyone?


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