1st Tragedy Looper Expansion Coming to English Soon

Z-Man games has announced they’ll be releasing an expansion for Tragedy Looper. If you haven’t read my review of it yet, Tragedy Looper is basically “When They Cry” in board game form…and totally awesome!

midnight circle and owaconThere are already 5 expansions for Tragedy Looper in Japanese, so we’ll still take a while to catch up. For this first release, at least Z-Man will be repackaging two of them into a single release. “Mystery Circle” and “Midnight Zone” become “Midnight Circle.” Instead of the original chronological order, they’re first releasing the two less complex expansions designed to be easier for beginners. Which is good, because Tragedy Looper can already be a daunting game. The expansion will be coming out in June, and is already up for pre-order.

Z-Man will also be releasing another board game from the same Japanese doujin circle, BakaFire. It’s Japanese name is “Old World and Code of Nines,” which will be shorted to “Code of Nines” for the English release. It’s theme is unique enough that I can’t give it justice:

“Players take the role of automatons wakening to the ruins of the world after the fall of humanity.  Each player holds fragments of the will of the human race in their fading memories, and players must piece together the fragments to determine the final will of humanity and be the first to fulfill it.”

It’s like they designed a game for me, and my post-human peaceful apocalypse loving self. I’ve been interested in this game for awhile, since BakaFire really caught my eye with Tragedy Looper’s innovative design. Plus, all the mechanics sound right up my alley: deducing your opponent’s secret scoring conditions, bluffing, random set-up for huge replay value! Code of Nines will is also due in June.


7 thoughts on “1st Tragedy Looper Expansion Coming to English Soon

  1. I was so hyped about this game as soon as I read your review of it. Now this makes me want to play it even more… Unfortunately there is no way to get it for less than 90$ in France, the shipping costs more than the game itself

    Thanks for the news anyway, I’m always happy to receive a notification email about your blog ^^


  2. I wonder if I could convince enough of my Diplomacy buddies to play this with me. (Diplomacy is like a more complex Risk.) None of my friends are umineko fanatics so they might not feel the same appreciation for this, but after seeing your review and then this I think I need to try it out as soon as humanly possible.


    • Most of the people I’ve played it with haven’t been into Umineko (or even anime/manga/VNs), and still enjoyed it. It’s a pretty solid game on it’s own.

      On a side note, Diplomacy has sat on my “Want to Play” list for way too long. I love political back-stabby games, and it’s basically the grandfather of them all.


  3. This is great news! I picked up this up after your review brought it to my attention and I absolutely fell in love with it. As a fellow 07th Expansion fanatic/game designer to-be, this game was something that just about came out of my head. It’s clear BakaFire is a pretty huge fan of 07th Expansion as well, with When They Cry written all over it (the cover actually has ‘Mystery..? Fantasy…? Rule X…, Rule Y…? etc.)

    I’m so happy the game did well enough to get an expansion and bring over more of BakaFire’s work! I love his style of infusing japanese-style stories into board games (collecting fragments of memories anyone?). It’s honestly inspiring and I look forward to checking out everything he has.


  4. Reblogged this on NerdlyLibrarian and commented:
    This is very exciting. As most of you know, I help run a gaming club at FIMs (UWO). Tragedy Looper is one of my most recently acquired purchases; and it lives up to the hype. A true detective, mystery game.

    Please see my original review of the game posted on our FIMS games site (http://fimsgamesclub.org/2015/05/27/youve-lost-this-loop-a-hybrid-narrativegame-review-of-tragedy-looper/) and enjoy the updated news of more Tragedy Looper Scenarios!

    I know what will be on my board gaming shelf next.


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