First Chapter of Iwaihime Manga Scanlated

The Iwaihime manga adaption has been picked up by the scanlation group Hot Chocolate Scans. They just released the 1st chapter, which you can read here. I won’t give any spoilers, but the end sure takes an interesting turn…

Iwaihime pg2+3 s.jpg

For those who can read Japanese, the Iwaihime VN was also released on Friday, and can be downloaded from DMM’s site. They also have preview CGs, a demo, a free 20-page guidebook PDF, and desktop and mobile wallpapers. The question for me is whether I read the manga, or wait for the VN to be translated.


17 thoughts on “First Chapter of Iwaihime Manga Scanlated

  1. If I were you, I would wait for the VN to be translated. Maybe it gets better, but Chapter 1 of the manga is…pretty awful, to be perfectly honest. It cuts out a lot, and you don’t really get a sense of what the main characters are like, except that ‘Toe is creepy.’


      • Yes, the lack of music is very damaging (as well as sound effects). Between that and how much has been changed/removed in the manga, I would highly recommend that you wait for the VN translation if you want the “full impact.”

        Of course, if you really can’t wait (and I wouldn’t blame you), you’re free to read the manga.


  2. Kiko-chan has a similar hair ribbon to Kurokami.
    They’re either
    1. The same person
    2. Used to be friends, so they have the hair ribbon as a memento
    3. Sisters

    You heard it here first. OC theory don’t steal.

    Also page 11 girl on the right has found her prince.


    • Well, all the main heroines have some kind of ribbon. Kiko’s is pretty weird, though. A skull and cross bones is probably not normal fashion sense for the average kawaii Japanese high-schooler.

      I think she must have some kind of history with Kurokami, though. When telling the MC about Kurokami, she didn’t just look concerned about his well-being, but dripping with venom. My speculation is that the cursed girl was Kiko’s friend, relative, or lover…or herself?


    • I just worry about getting spoiled first, and not getting the “full impact”…Plus, usually I’m the type to read the book first (in-depth story), then movie (quicker abridgement), and this is a similar principle.

      On the other hand, the manga might end up just following one arc (the main heroine’s), so I still have new stuff to look forward to with the VN.


      • from my experience watching umineko anime that really bad then read the VN, yeah it was seem spoilered the story. but in other hand, I was impressed how the story became more detailed and elaborated.


  3. The game itself does not have any choices except for one part which does not seem to affect anything but the manga still changed and cut quite a bit of the details.


    • Thanks, I think I will wait for that hypothetical VN translation. Are you far into the game? Sometimes games can really bury the choices far into the common routes.


      • I’ve finished the game and Kate is right; there’s only one choice part, which doesn’t ultimately affect anything.

        Anyway, I really enjoyed Iwaihime. I hope it gets an anime adaption eventually.


      • Finished this game a few days ago. I used a visual novel reader since I can’t read Japanese but I still got most of the story. I enjoyed it and it’s a really Ryukishi-esque story. The only complains I have is the fact that it really should not be rated as all ages.


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