First Chapter of Iwaihime Manga Scanlated

The Iwaihime manga adaption has been picked up by the scanlation group Hot Chocolate Scans. They just released the 1st chapter, which you can read here. I won’t give any spoilers, but the end sure takes an interesting turn…

Iwaihime pg2+3 s.jpg

For those who can read Japanese, the Iwaihime VN was also released on Friday, and can be downloaded from DMM’s site. They also have preview CGs, a demo, a free 20-page guidebook PDF, and desktop and mobile wallpapers. The question for me is whether I read the manga, or wait for the VN to be translated.


Iwaihime Trailer Released

DMM has posted a trailer for their upcoming game Iwaihime, with writing by Ryukishi07:

It looks like the game will have a big focus on romance, perhaps even more so than horror. Or maybe that’s just a bait-and-switch tactic. We’ll see when the game comes out November 27th in Japan. Either way, that tree (?) thing with the glowing red eyes is wicked cool.

The voice acting that starts at 2:00 in the video has been translated by Garlstadt on reddit:

Go, and curse your powerlessness.

Yours is not a destiny you can alter.

You are ten years late…

A hundred years late…

A thousand years late!

Someone has also posted a full version of the OP song, performed live by Rinne Yoshida:

Not among my favorite OPs* for a Ryukishi07 game, but it works.

* And for an extra bonus list, those would be!:

1. Pithos in the Fog (Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru)
2. Dusk is what Love Crosses Over (Higanbana no Saku Koro ni)
3. To That Day (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou)
4. Love is Omerta (Rose Guns Days)
5. Brand New Way, Broadway (Rose Guns Days Last Season)

Iwaihime Getting Manga Adaptation

iwaihime manga announcementIwaihime will be getting a manga adaptation starting in September, slightly before the game’s released. It’ll be published by Square Enix in Shounen Gangan, one of their seinen magazines. This bodes well for a US release: all other manga versions of Ryukishi07’s VNs published by Square Enix have been licensed by Yen Press (Higurashi, Umineko, and Rose Guns Days). The only thing missing is the manga for Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni, which was published by Kadokawa Shoten in Japan instead.

Other Iwaihime stuff:

  • The official site has updated with some more character designs. Looks like your cliche galge route-less characters of “teacher” and “flamboyant male friend.”
  • There was a panel for the game at the summer Comiket last month. with Ryukihi07 and a bunch of others creatively involved. They were selling a beautiful tapestry for autographing. I’m not sure if the limited edition‘s coming with the same tapestry, but I’d be plenty happy if so!

Iwaihime Cast and Release Date Announced


The release date of Ryukishi07’s new horror game has finally been set: November 27th. Its cast will include:

Makoto Furukawa as Ryō Susuhara
Chinatsu Akasaki as Toe Kurogami
Mariko Honda as Tsubakiko Harumiya
Yuka Ōtsubo as Kanae Minobe
Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Lilia Nunokawa
Ryouko Tanaka as Mayu Hinakata
Yuuki Tai as Natsuya Netsuda

Nobody super famous, but a good number of people with leading roles in excellent anime. It’s also neat-o that they got a real half-Japanese person to play their half-Japanese character (presumably due to fluent English skills).

Toranona has also announced they’ll be selling a limited edition physical package for the game, besides the digital-only edition on DMM’s site. The physical edition will come with a bonus booklet and tapestry. It’s pre-order page is here. Apparently you can order stuff from Toranoana through Tenso. I’ve never done it before, but I’m sorely tempted, since this game has some beautiful artwork.

Finally, a Video Recording of Ryukishi07’s ACen Panel

After much searching online, I’ve finally found a video recording of Ryukishi07’s third panel at ACen! It was posted by a user on the Fuwanovel forums. Although there’s no recording for the other two panels, this one probably went over the most interesting information. So if you’re ready for some Ryukishi07 goodness, sit back and enjoy.

Cool little note: The guy asking a question at 2:59 in the 2nd video is me! Ryukishi07 was really cool about it. Although I’m just now realizing the interpreter probably misheard “death” when I send “depth”…ah well, it makes sense both ways.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you still want a chance to see Ryukishi07 in person, he’ll be a guest at AnimeExpo this July.

First Images of New Ryukishi07 Game [祝姫] (Iwaihime)

Thanks to a tweet from the illustrator, us foreigners unable to attend the Toranoana’s “Tora Festival” can learn about Ryukishi07’s upcoming game, which he teased at ACen earlier this year.

CH_hzT1UcAAAP4s.jpg large 3 combined

Nope, it looks like we’re not getting any JRPG from Ryukishi (though that would’ve been totally awesome). There’s still no announcement about this game on 07th Expansion’s official site or twitter, but what I gather so far is:

  • The game’s name is “Iwaihime.”
  • The game’s genre is “horror.”
  • The plot involves a (cursed?) doll.
  • The character designs are by Kazuharu kina.
  • The backgrounds are by the artist mocha.
  • It will be released this Fall.
  • It’ll be ADV style, not NVL like Higurashi and Umineko.
  • It will be released by DMM, perhaps best known in the West as “the company that does Kancolle,” which had a booth at the event. It will be a commercial release, not a doujin one like his works from Comiket.
  • The cast includes lots of high school girls, as we can see from all the character designs shown off so far.

CH_hmiLVEAEfWlk.jpg large a combined

  • DMM had a booth at the event to promote the game, along with a character cosplayer.

DMM's booth at the event

One more thing to look forward to! From the cast and release, I feel it’ll be a more typical story than his When They Cry works, but it’ll definitely be visually stunning. You can get high res images of all this stuff, along with more pictures from the booth, on Kazuhara Kina’s twitter. Thanks to anonymous Goat-kun for pointing this out to me!

UPDATE: The game’s teaser blurb has been translated by the Reddit users temporalreality and Garlstadt:

Hajakenshou…Crush evil, spread the truth.

For generations, the men of the Susuharai family have left home at a fixed age to become independent. By tempering themselves without aid, they would have their adulthood recognized. In preparation for that day, I learned an array of things.

Susuda Prefectural High School—my new halls of leaning. To tell the truth, I had planned to transfer my first year, not second. But my everyday life here wasn’t just carefree; it was pleasant. I passed the days happily with any of my peers from Second Year Class A.

But there was a girl—Kurokami Toe. To call her strange would be a lacking description. Never for a moment would she let go of the traditional Japanese doll she held in her arms. There were those who whispered it was a cursed doll, whose hair would grow when you weren’t looking. Indeed, it was an eerie doll.

However, meeting Kurokami might have been fate. No, it must have been.

UPDATE 2: Sorry, I read a kanji in the title wrong! It’s actually pronounced “Iwaihime,” not “Shukuhime.”