TRianThology Official Site Updated

07th Expansion’s official site for TRianthology has just updated, with story descriptions, characters, and more.

trianthology splash page

We now finally know the official name of all three stories:

Vespio 2438: A far-future science fiction war story. Most likely written by Ryukishi07, since its character art is clearly by him.

Country Girl: A story about high school friends who went on a school trip together, eventually dispersed, but then came back together. Written by Romeo Tanaka and currently being serialized as a manga online.

Gakuen Renai: Set in a galge-like world, with a protagonist who’s very popular with the ladies (incoming trope inversion?)

One other piece of excellent news: the staff page includes musicians from previous 07th Expansion games like Dai, Pre-holder, xaki, and M. Zakky (though still no zts). Because really, these games wouldn’t be half as good without their soundtrack.

It’s interesting how the different stories use totally different character artists (unless Vespio’s outlines are just a placeholder?) I’ll probably be the only person disappointed that Ryukishi07 isn’t drawing all of it. It makes me wonder how all the stories will end up coming together, though. I did notice that the protagonist of Country Girl has a shirt with a stopwatch and rabbit design,  clearly related to the whole Alice in Wonderland theme the game hints at.


10 thoughts on “TRianThology Official Site Updated

  1. I didn’t notice the connection, but a character in Vespio is named Alice, and I’m guessing is also the girl pictured on the home page. Maybe some sort of “going down the rabbit hole” is going to eventually connect the stories, but considering each story’s summary, I have no clue how that’s going to happen. It is strange that the other stories all have different character art, which makes me wonder if that the only connection they’ll have with one another is thematic, since it would be bizarre for characters from such different art styles to coincide with one another directly.
    The other two settings, the Country and Galge setting seem kind of bland to me so far, especially with the shadow of a science-fiction war drama looming over the two of them. So far, neither of these two settings have any glaring conflicts that pull me in, so that might be a reason for my disinterest, though like you said, if there is some sort of inversion of their tropes, there could be something shocking hidden just a few steps ahead, waiting to use this setting to jump out at you. I’m not suggesting they need Higurashi’s level of a 180 degree turn, but something this quaint makes me suspicious. Also, there are so many 07th expansion projects being announced at once that I’m a little dazed.
    I’ll second that I’m glad most of the old musicians are coming back, since it was the music that drew me into Higurashi in the first place.

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  2. Honestly, I would really like to see characters from different stories meeting each other with their respective art style. Considering Ryukishi’s past works it could be a good way to mix the three stories in a unique way giving a distinctive way to differentiate the origin of each character. Either that or “to each world its own art style”, so even even if there is this type of meeting, the characters have to adapt to the current world with their art style as well. I don’t know what to expect since there are a lot of possibilities.

    If there isn’t a forced order (and maybe even a final route) I would like to do Yuuto -> Romeo -> Ryukishi after seeing their styles and abilities in Rewrite. Yuuto’s routes were really enjoyable to read even though they weren’t that good, so I think that would be a great start to the vN.

    Also, I hope Morrigan will be involved with this too after Higanbana and Higurashi Hou.

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  3. This is bad. Really bad. The group translating Country Girl is named “Crashed Tea Party”.
    I’m not ready for Alicekastel ripping apart those four!

    Also! It says that on their page that there will be at least one new composer (Alice Rokugen).
    Maybe there will also be special guests like Hironori Doi who contributed only one track to Umineko?!


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