Voice and Graphics Patch Released for Higurashi’s 2nd Chapter, Watanagashi

Higurashi fans got a little Christmas present yesterday, with the release of a voice and graphics patch for the 2nd chapter of its new release from MangaGamer. Just like with the 1st chapter, the patch adds voice acting and changes the sprites to the PS3 versions by Alchemist. There’s also a voice only patch, for those who’d prefer to play with the original sprites (like me!). You can download the patch here, after getting the game from Steam or MangaGamer’s site.

I want to pause a moment to consider all the wonderful work done by modders and translators, given freely just for their love of the series. Where would we be without people like that?

Art by 808 on Pixiv

Art by 808 on Pixiv

Enjoy, readers, and Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to Voice and Graphics Patch Released for Higurashi’s 2nd Chapter, Watanagashi

  1. Stidham says:

    Happy Holidays, Tim!

    I’m really glad people have the goodwill to translate and mod for the sake of others having the opportunity to experience it as well. It really is a testament to Ryukishi’s work that others are willing to help in such a way. I’m incredibly thankful as well! I’m considering gifting the steam release to a few friends, it’d be great to introduce other people to it. However, my friends seem to be as terrified of reading as they are to my five hour uncut copy of Das Boot I watch regularly, so I’ll be likely be rereading the series by myself soon, haha


    • tim_p says:

      To you as well!~.

      Yeah, VNs are in an awkward place. Too much like a book to appeal to those who only consume multimedia, and too much like a “nerdy anime thing” to appeal to literary types. And yet, somehow they’re still carving out a niche for themselves these days.


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