Finally, a Video Recording of Ryukishi07’s ACen Panel

After much searching online, I’ve finally found a video recording of Ryukishi07’s third panel at ACen! It was posted by a user on the Fuwanovel forums. Although there’s no recording for the other two panels, this one probably went over the most interesting information. So if you’re ready for some Ryukishi07 goodness, sit back and enjoy.

Cool little note: The guy asking a question at 2:59 in the 2nd video is me! Ryukishi07 was really cool about it. Although I’m just now realizing the interpreter probably misheard “death” when I send “depth”…ah well, it makes sense both ways.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you still want a chance to see Ryukishi07 in person, he’ll be a guest at AnimeExpo this July.

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One Response to Finally, a Video Recording of Ryukishi07’s ACen Panel

  1. Ourfairduke says:

    Every bit of cringe that I expected it to be. Still though, would have loved to ask him a question, and that cirno dude looked pretty baller. Some answers got lost in the translation, one dude did the konnichwa. God damn it, autumn can’t come soon enough


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